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Please know more about me, so you can love me more.

How should I get started with this traditional about-me article? Emm… How about a poem?


The lovable poem was written by my lovable friend – Lily Li. I feel genuinely contentment whenever I thought of the hymn. (Have u noted something special in the poem? Hint: acrostic.)

It has been years since I last met her. “I miss your voice because it is a symphony; your smile because it is a jewel, and your hug because it is a masterpiece.”

Next, I’d like to explain several reasons why I’d rather express my opinions and feelings mainly in English, but not Chinese in my blog.

To start with, there’re a great many differences between the two languages.
Compared with the subtle Chinese language, English may be easier for me to communicate some implied ideas and emotions.
A word or idiom can have plenty of meanings in Chinese. People may choose whatever meaning they feel “right” as the definition. But “right” doesn’t imply “true”. Cognition and understanding depend on the personal process by which knowledge is developed in the mind. However, generally speaking, this won’t appear in English.

Secondly, getting closer to the English-expressed circumstances is an advantageous attempt for a language learner, no matter I’m writing diaries or working in the field of CS.

Besides, Shenzhen Foreign Languages School – my junior and senior high school have taught me well how to communicate fluently and precisely in different languages. Apart from English, I also learned a little Russian, French and Japanese during the student time.

Lastly, English will still work well when the software of the Chinese Pinyin input method breaks down, which occasionally happens on my computer.

Now, I major in data science and big data technology at the Department of Computer Science in BUPT, where lots of great programmers are studied. But I feel that now I cannot catch up with those very smart guys, though. I’m striving for my aims and destiny, all the time. Dare to dream, ready to achieve.

In my leisure time, I’m fond of traveling and photography. My family and many of my friends also like that, so we often share the fun.

Like most girls, I’m keen on the trend of fashion and cosmetics, reading VOGUE and VS sometimes.

In daily life, I pay close attention to my health. The two important things that I persist in doing daily are exercising and reading nutrition news feeds. Moreover, as a Cantonese, I just cannot quit drinking tea even for one day. My likings include green tea, red tea, oolong tea and tea favored with flowers and fruit, etc. The smell and taste of tea make me feel refreshed when I’m faced with mountains of difficult problems or tough chores.
For me, exercising and eating healthily should be constant and continuous.

As for other subjects I get great interest in, literature and poetry are two of my favorites. I’d like to blend artistic and poetic expression with my daily communication, adding some spice in life.

Before going to bed late at night, I get used to indulging myself in books, such as Road Less Traveled, the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fried, and Tagore’s poetry.

The mystery of psychology always attracts me. I believe deeper exploration in psychology will make people get higher EQ, for the subject offers practical help in improving interactions with people around you.

Maybe the above is all that you’d like to know about me. If it’s not enough, just meet me and chat face to face~

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I know u love me, so come on~ 🙂