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August 3, 2019 | Family Trip to Tiantai Mountain

Tiantai Mountain is located 110km from Chengdu in Qionglai. This is the original habitat of the giant panda. The scenic area is full of dense primordial forests, bubbling streams, and gushing waterfalls.

The syncline hilly area landform of this spot is rarely seen in China. The whole area is mountainous, with wandering and clean river. The weather here is warm in winter and cool in summer, which makes it ever spring. You can see fantastic plants and rocks everywhere there. “Playing with water on high mountains” is the special tourism brand of Tiantai Mountain. The water goes as far as the height of the mountain, showing the romantic spirit of Tiantai Mountain. More than 10 tourist activities closely related to water in spots such as 18-li (9000-meter) Vanilla Valley, Small Jiuzhaigou and Mottled Stone Sea enable you to have a close contact with the wander river and springs on Tiantai Mountain in the hot summer, feeling cool.

The Destination of Self-driving Travel

The traffic condition in the scenery spot is getting better and better, which makes Tiantai Mountain the best destination of self-driving in the outskirt of Chengdu. What’s more, the opening of Cheng-Ming Highway has promoted the development of the spot. Driving to Tiantai Mountain at the weekends has become a good choice for people in Chengdu.

My family decided to self-drive to the outstanding scenery spot, too. Every one of us really had lots of fun.

When my dad and I were taking photos, we both realized that maybe photographers and models are one of the most risky “jobs” in the world. He jumped to a rock in the middle of the stream to shoot photographs, and suddenly stumbled over the slippery rock . The embarrasing thing happened to me was that I had got into the right position, smiling at the camera. The next moment I changed to another pose and found that I was smiling at a HUGE SPIDER!!! Almost scared to death.


Butterflies are everywhere to seen in Tiantai. The natural resources here is abundant with hundreds kinds of insects. There are about 220 kinds of butterflies in Tiantai. People who love butterflies can come and have a wonderful view. Now many butterfly fans come visit to take photos.

Butterfly Shoal

The stream bed is wide with “Danxia” and aqua color water. Both of the vanilla grasses of the small stream distribute round seductive smell. More grandly, clusteries of butterflies move with smelling the fragrance after the rain. White, black, red, yellow and purple and so on, multi-colored butterflies play and dance on the stream. According to the statistics, almost 320 kinds of butterflies embellish the beautiful Golden Dragon River more nimbus. Many butterfly fans come to this spot to take photos. Butterfly shoal is famous for butterflies. It’s as wonderful as Butterfly Spring in Yunnan, if not more wonderful.

Three Enchantments of Lissome Water

Three Enchantments of Lissom Water is one of the famous spots in Tiantai Mountain. It is famed for three landscapes of high altitude and water course, which are sometimes intermingled unvarying and lusty, sometimes ebullient and peppy, sometimes inert and vitalised, sometimes charismatic and zippy, and sometimes flamboyant and pristine. Cascade, water screen, and waterfall present you, from different perspectives, an alluring magic of Tiantai.

Dad and I climbed over the fence to capture the wonderful view with our camera. Thinking back, it was quite dangerous, though.

Many thanks to my dearest dad! Without his excellent photograpy techniques and hard work, millions of beautiful pictures wouldn’t have apperared.

On the Way Back to Our Inn

Lucky to Meet the “Quiet” Waterfall – 18-li Vanilla Valley

18-li (9000-meter)  Vanilla Valley is also regard as the No.1 water playing valley in the West. The unique look of this scenery spot is made by syncline hilly landform of Tiantai. Here you can see ancient woods grow high to the sky, green grass smell nice and groups of colorful butterflies flying in the valley. The function of this spot is a combination of amusement, sightseeing, exploration and science popularization. There’s a popular saying: You don’t want to see water anymore if you are back from Jiuzhai because you can never see one more beautiful; you don’t want to play with water anymore if you are back from Tiantai because you can’t get one more enjoyable.

When we first came to the waterfall at noon, it was surrounded by hundreds of people. Realizing it was hard to take photos with so many “distractions”, we didn’t stay long.

But on our way back, it was already at dusk. No other visitors were at the beautiful spot. We were fairly fortunate to meet the quiet and fascinating scene of the great waterfall. Look, I was extremely excited, hurry to the best place to shoot photos.


Make sure to stay overnight and turn off your flashlights because the scenic area really comes alive at night with 17 native species of fireflies. Every year between April and October it’s firefly watching time. Anywhere between Tiantai and Xiushui is a good place to set up and watch the natural show of lights.

We were lucky enough to enjoy the fabulous firefly show late at night, on our way to the inn. Everyone got exhausted that evening because we walked nearly 14 km that day! The supper at the inn was wonderful. We ate a yummy roatsted rabbit~