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August 9,2019 | Old but Over-Commercialized Town of Lijiang

Touristy But Still Lovely

As with many old towns in China, LiJiang has become a tourist magnet and many of it’s rough edges have been polished. Streets are clean and toilets are well maintained. But the myriad tangle of little streets are still cobbled and much of the old architecture is still intact, so some hours spent exploring them are most enjoyable. The drainage system is evident throughout the town and amazing for it’s clear water. It does get even more crowded and noisy after dark, so late afternoon is best for those who dislike crowds.

Overlooking the whole town at the top of a pavilion, near Mount Lion

The wooden inn we stayed at was lovely. People living in Yunnan are warm-hearted, always ready to help others.


Flower cake shops are everywhere.

Rare Prickly Pears (really juicy & tasty)
Lijiang Stuffed Bun (namely Lijiang Baba)

Cantonese-style Sweet Tofu Pudding (I can’t miss u more!)