Rabbit Hole

June 26, 2019 | Hello, Shanghai! & Family Reunion

Right after the final exams, I flew to Shanghai from Nanyuan Airport of Beijing.

My hotel was at Beijing Road in the Bund.

Because of the ticket alteration of my dad’s flight, I had my lunch alone at 寿司沼津港. Quite expensive, though. The 150-yuan meal made me impressed by the high prices of Shanghai.

After lunch, I bought some local snacks for daddy at the mall, at the thought of that he might feel pretty hungry on the arrival at the hotel.

Finally, at around 6 p.m., we met at the Bund. I felt extremely excited for the reason that it had been so long since I last saw him.

On the first evening in Shanghai, we visited a supertall skyscraper – the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC).

It was in the monsoon unluckily, so the views we saw from the tower’s 100th-floor observation deck weren’t that good. The thick clouds obscured our vision.

The supper was also Japanese dishes~ The fresh sashimi was really my type! So tempting and… costly. QAQ

Happy & Content
My Lovely Daddy