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June 27, 2019 | One Perfect Day in SH: Discovering the Best of the City

First, I’d like to share my wonderful breakfast that morning!

Yummy Traditional Local Snacks
Mango-favored Ice Skin Cakes

I have a sweet tooth, and LAWSON – a convenient chain shop is my favorite! During my trip, I bought dozens of cakes and ice creams in a shop at the metro station nearby my hotel.

I picked an inviting Haagen-Dazs crispy sandwich ice cream~

Our next target was Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The sun was shining, and we were in a good mood.

I looked down from a viewpoint of 263 meters. Fascinating~

At about 3 p.m., My dad and I enjoyed a very very very big meal at a traditional Jiangnan restaurant.

I ordered too many dishes. In the end, both of us felt we would burst if we ate another mouthful!

Nice Shanghai Duck Seasoned with Soy Sauce 
the Whole Feast

Finally, I was completly stuffed and could hardly move. Several dishes were left untouched, including the cray. QAQ

We spent the dreamy night in the Chuan Zhang 3 Ship on Huangpu River.

To experience the best way to enjoy the scenery along Huangpu River, a cruise has to be the top choice. A Huangpu River cruise has now become a must-have activity when visiting Shanghai. When cruising at night, you can enjoy the most extraordinary sights. 

To enjoy the scenery along the river, the Bund on the west bank and Binjiang Avenue on the east bank are the top two places in the city. Binjiang Avenue is less crowded, but the Bund offers more beautiful scenery. On the Bund, there is a historical architectural complex lining along the road. It consists of abundant buildings in western styles built around 100 years ago, when Shanghai was partially working as a foreign settlement. On the east bank, Pudong, are the tall modern buildings constructed in recent decades. Pudong has become an important financial and commercial hub in the city, even China. The skyscrapers on the east and the classical architectures on the west are in sharp contrast, from which you can have a glimpse on the development of the city in the past century.

Dad and I on deck

After the cruise on the famous Huangpu River, we then had a visit to a pop-up exhibition along the Bund – Lost Love Starry Museum.

The night had been the most wonderful moments since the start of the semester. Memorable~