Rabbit Hole

June 29, 2019 | Pisces in the Ocean World


Before going on a sightseeing tour in Changfeng Park, I took an attractive Teddy Bear from LAWSON,
and… killed it kindly~

Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World

Activity Highlights —

Explore the world’s oceans in one day in an aquatic paradise of life and color

Admire some cute seahorses, get hands-on in the touch pond, and climb inside glass tunnels to get up close with the fish

However, due to our time limits, we didn’t catch the unique white beluga whale performance or watch gentle giants play.

The ugliest creatures in the aquarium

A Pisces feels more freedom when getting near to the heart of ocean.

The instant photos taken by my Polaroid camera were overexposed, making me seen like a banshee. QAQ

Our Lunch at 西贝莜面村

(Of course, more than the cakes~)

It was the last day in great Shanghai. My short trip was about to end. Not willing to leave~

Due to the bad weather, my flight was delayed by two hours. During the period, I strolled and looked around at the Disney souvenir shop in the airport.

the charming Polar Bear from Changfeng Ocean World

When waiting for my flight back to Beijing, I started to enjoy another two desserts from LAWSON. Tiramisu really tasted fantastic!

The next phase was the two-week short semester. I took one course – the Curriculum Design of Computer Organization. Our team was composed of four members, working hard in the whole period. But only got these points…QAQ. We had hoped for full marks, though.