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Semester Summary for Fall 2019 & New Year’s Resolutions

Been reading John Green’s 2012 novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ lately… It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to have the book review act as the prologue of the summary or resolutions.

But I am indeed inspired by the fiction. Over time, questions arise, such as ‘Fault? Or setbacks…to be exact. What kinds of FAULTS actually make me go down on my knees?’ So I need time to reflect.

Think about ‘Pandora’s box‘ representing a source of great and unexpected troubles… Faults and lucks? Of course, I’m also pretty lucky and grateful for everything at every dawn.

Gratefulness and appreciation for all things that happened to me throw light on my new year’s wishes and resolutions.

The Fault in Our Stars’ seemingly IS relevant to the topic of this article…

I. Overview of the semester

Long before the semester started, I’d collected handouts of all courses from the upperclassmen and friends. They offered me valuable advice, also. The learning materials proved to be a GREAT help in my study. I presumably made progress in the exploration of the new field – Big Data and Data Science.

Many thanks to all the people giving me a hand! (They just sent me more ‘gifts’ yesterday~)

My School Timetable for Fall 2019

Big Data Technology

The course may be completely new and challenging to a beginner. I just set foot on Big Data during the summer free time. Professor Ou is nice and humorous, though. And NO HOMEWORK!!!

But we had numerous experiments to do, aiming to get us familiar with Hadoop, Spark and so on.

The tasks were hard sometimes. Luckily, the assistants (also postgraduates of Big Data) were so patient as to debug for me remotely once.

I have a deep interest in the course which is also the fundamental technology of the project (Big Data Credit Scoring) I participate in.

Machine Learning

I would say… ML must be the No.1 cumbersome course in this semester, for all sorts of reasons.

The theories, the teaching process, and the teacher, in my opinion, do count for the difficulty.

Just before the final, many students complained about the indigestible handouts and blamed for the teacher. But I believed that it was a student’s duty to do self-exploratory research in the field, and it was easy to do. Actually, plentiful learning resources are at hand, such as Melon Book and Statistical Learning Methods.

Therefore, neither the teacher nor the handouts were to blame. It was, in a large part, a matter of us students.

Data Science

The course looked troublesome at first. Over time, I found it interesting and practical. I also learned a lot from my teammate when we cooperated on the project of price suggestion challenge. Quite a meaningful memory.

(Though I completed another RNN+Ridge model on my own in the end… Much better than the cooperation work.)

Professor Shi was gracious and easy-going. And the assistant teacher was knowledgeable as well as rather handsome 🙂

II. the Finals

Customarily, the preparation for the finals was a tough trip.

I again got sick before the exams, and unfortunately, the weather was blistering. I hated the chilliness in the winter of the north. Luckily, with the care of friends, I became well soon. I refused to tell my health conditions to my family for the fear that they would get excessively worried, like last year.

I didn’t do any exercise using the App Keep for the last three weeks, which was my favorite activity of a day. Of course, I gained weight. But it was okay to put on some fat so as to fight against the harsh winter, and to squeeze as much time as possible for the review of courses.

To be honest, I didn’t take a shower for FOUR days, for TWO times, during the final two weeks. Sooooooo Unbelievable to a southerner. I began to get disgusted with myself from time to time in that period. (There was no way, though. I just wanted to do my best to gain satisfying grades.)

III. Intimate Friends

The eight girls of us lived in the No.13 dormitory, namely Gongzhufen (Princess Tomb). Small, incommodious and some kind of messy… Though, none of us said a harsh word and complained.

The girls of different characters are all kind. We indeed huddled together for warmth and supported each other in the coldest and freezing days.

Love you all, my buddies.

Then the semester came to an end. ‘Faults’ and ‘lucks’ are priceless treasures in my life journey.

IV. New Year’s Resolutions

First, I’d talk about the plan for the winter holiday. A range of tasks is waiting for me to conquer.

1# Preview the courses of next semester

I am struggling to win the qualification for the postgraduate recommendation, hoping to apply for an institution of higher learning and a great mentor.

I loved the research directions of big data, data science, ML, CV and so on. I may develop other interests in the future.

2# Review and broaden my horizons

I am kind of forgetful, and all the knowledge I’ve learned is to be tested in the coming interviews of postgraduate recommendation. I’ve got to pick up the key points of courses and make them ‘available’ in my brain at every moment.

3# Continue with the Big Data Credit Scoring Project

It is a national-level key project. The mentors, Prof. Ou and Prof. Song, attach great importance to our work.

Our team, consisting of eight undergraduates, just made a survey on the topic. We’re about to carry on some breakthroughs in technical difficulties during the winter holiday.

4# Prepare for MCM/ICM

Determined to make joint efforts to win a desirable award with my two smart teammates.

5# Practice skills in photography & Capture memorable moments of family

6# Participate in social practice as often as possible

7# Have time to read novels & have time to dream

So much for the resolutions. Wish me good luck in the course of striving for my dreams.